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External Insulation

External Insulation

Dungarvan insulation uses the trusted & proven Cantillana external insulation system. With decades of experience in wall insulation and installation, our customers can trust us as exterior wall specialists. Being a trusted and professional reliable partner with Cantillanal, homeowners can feel in safe hands with Dungarvin Insulation.

We strive to bring increasingly innovative products and systems to the market which contribute to a better living environment and to aesthetic freedom.

Why Wall Insulation?

Eliminate Thermal Bridges

1. Eliminate Thermal Bridges

Thermal bridges can only be avoided in the building’s façade via external wall insulation. Your façade obtains a virtual coat that keeps the cold out and the heat inside, which results in minimal energy loss and approximately 15% savings in your energy bill.

Pleasant Indoor Climate

2. Pleasant Indoor Climate

By insulating the façade along the exterior, the walls are able to retain their thermal inertia. When the home is heated during the daytime in the winter, solid-construction walls (brick, clay, limestone, etc.) store the heat. When the home cools down at night, the walls radiate the stored heat. In the summertime, the walls block the heat. In this manner you can maintain a pleasant and stable interior temperature, regardless of the season.

Healthy Home Environment

3. Healthy Home Environment

Taking all insulation parameters into account, external wall insulation ensures optimal water resistance of the walls. With the Dungarvan insulation systems, the risk of condensation and mould formation is kept at a minimum. This helps contribute to better air quality and a healthier living environment.

Protect your Façade

4. Protect your Façade

External wall insulation protects walls against large temperature fluctuations and guarantees water resistance since there is no chance of cracks in the façade. The exterior wall stays both intact and free of algae, which means the façade is practically maintenance-free!

Respect the Environment

5. Respect the Environment

Through environmental regulations, the government attempts to reduce the emission of CO2 gas. When using our insulation systems, you are contributing to the success of this environmental measure and therefore are entitled to tax benefits. More information about grants and subsidies is available at your local government office.

Minimal disruptions during the work

6. Minimal disruptions during the work

Insulation of the exterior walls occurs along the outside, so the inhabitants of the home or the office will not be bothered.

A new look

7. A new look

Because of the wide range of colours and finishing possibilities when renovating façades, the building gets a complete makeover and quite possibly a new look. Turning an old-fashioned exterior into a striking new home is no problem whatsoever. This can only result in an increase in the value of the home!

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