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Dungarvan External Insulation Ltd uses the Baumit External Wall Insulation system. External wall Insulation wraps the outside of your home & help to block thermal leaks, leaving you and your family warmer.

External Insulation Advantages:

  • External Insulation is less disruptive than internal insulation
  • You wont lose any space in your home 
  • Appearance of the external walls can be improved and there are a wide variety of finish types
  • Your home will become more weather resistant and soundproof
  • The draughts in your home will be reduced and you will have an improved building seal
With our wealth of experience in External Wall Insulation, our customers can trust us to install their exterior wall insulation. Alongside our professional & reliable partner, Baumit, homeowners can feel in safe hands with Dungarvan Insulation. We are registered with the NSAI Agrement Cert No: 09/0336 and we are a registered contractor for the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland). We are fully insured and are happy to provide a copy of our insurance certificate if requested.

For more information on grants available please visit the SEAI website by clicking the link below:


Why External Wall Insulation?

1. why choose external wall insulation?

Solid walls do not trap heat efficiently and twice as much heat can escape through them as through cavity walls. Upgrading the walls with external wall insulation is a great idea, as not only will you save on your energy bills, you will also protect your home by preventing damp whilst, at the same time give the exterior a makeover.

2. Pleasant Indoor Climate

By insulating the exterior walls, the walls are able to retain their heat build-up. When the home is heated during the daytime in the winter, solid-construction walls (brick, clay, limestone, etc.) store the heat. When the home cools down at night, the walls radiate the stored heat. In the summertime, the walls block the heat. In this manner you can maintain a pleasant and stable interior temperature, regardless of the season.

3. Healthy Home Environment

Taking all insulation parameters into account, external wall insulation ensures optimal water resistance of the walls. With external wall insulation, the risk of condensation and mould formation is kept at a minimum. This helps contribute to better air quality and a healthier living environment.

4. Protect your Façade

External wall insulation protects walls against large temperature fluctuations and guarantees water resistance since there is no chance of cracks in the façade. The exterior wall stays both intact and free of algae, which means the façade is practically maintenance-free!

5. Respect the Environment

Through environmental regulations, the government attempts to reduce the emission of CO2 gas. When using our insulation systems, you are contributing to the success of this environmental measure and therefore there are grants available through the SEAI. More information about grants available on their website: https://www.seai.ie/grants/.

6. Minimal disruptions during the work

External Wall Insulation is a wrap around the outside of your home, this means there is minimal disruption to you in your home during works. Once all work is completed a thorough site clean up will be carried out with all debris being removed from site.

7. A new look

Because of the wide range of colours and finishing possibilities when renovating, your home gets a complete makeover and quite possibly a new modern look. 

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