Timber Frame Wall Insulation

Starting with waste newspaper as the raw material, we process the paper into its original fibrous state and formulate the material to give the required structure and properties needed for each particular application, i.e. wall, warm roof and attic insulation for timber frame structures and attic insulation for brick and block construction.

Cellulose is a non hazardous material manufactured from recycled newspaper, and is an incredibly effective insulation and what’s more, it is installed quickly and easily, simply by pumping it into place by approved installers. No cutting, no access problems, one size fits all and you need less of it. You are combining ultra high insulation performance with true sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Cellulose is extremely resistant to fire through the addition of simple inorganic salts. It is also free from harmful or toxic substances, including VOCs, CFCs and added formaldehyde, resistant to biological and fungal attack, treated against insects and is unattractive to vermin.

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