Thermobead Injected Cavity Wall Bead System

Our Thermobead Injected wall cavity system is offered as the best solution for block construction, whether in new build or upgrade. We offer a complete energy service to our customers, whether you are a homeowner or a contractor.

  • Consistent high performance bead (manufactured in-house)
  • Suitable for cavities from 40mm upwards
  • Independently assessed installation crews
  • Up to 20% better than conventional systems

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With full Irish Agrement Accreditation, we are continually monitored throughout production for correct densities. Using fully trained installers, independently assessed by Irish Agrement, we offer the quality of product and service you would expect from one of most well established insulation system installers in Ireland.

We also offer you a certified energy assessment for your new or existing home, our installation teams will, at an agreed time, install the system with no waste or no extra cost. We can inject high quality bead into your cavity walls to keep your home warmer and more fuel efficient in winter months. The ability of the bead to flow under applied pressure through the drilled 22mm holes, means it fills every void, producing a complete fill every time, with no cold spots.
We can drill from either the inside (new build) or outside (existing) using a drilling pattern to insure no areas are missed. So whether your house was built with a 50mm cavity or you want to build with a 200mm cavity to create a low energy house then we can meet your needs. We even supply the wall ties to suit.
Using the highest quality raw materials and the best bonding agent available – We will consistently deliver a high performance cavity bead system, giving a performance up to 20% better than conventional bead insulation.

  • Dungarvan Insulation can meet all your energy requirement targets. We also offer BER (Building Energy Rating) a legal requirement since January ’07.
  • Reg No: IAB/0320/126
  • Agrement Cert No: 08/0320